Steve Jobs Resigns: A History In Links

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) today, ending months of speculation about his ability to lead the company while battling cancer. COO Tim Cook, who has been handling day-to-day operations for Apple, is taking over, while Jobs remains as chairman. Below, a look at Steve Jobs and his iconic role at Apple over the past few years:

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»  Steve Jobs Returns Immediately To Standing Ovation; Unveils 3.1 For iPhone, iTunes 9

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»  Steve Jobs “Is In the House”

»  Steve Jobs Had Liver Transplant; Cook Will Continue To Have Wider Role

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»  Apple Shareholder Meeting: No Jobs But Promises Of A Return

»  Apple Being Investigated By SEC Over Disclosure Of Jobs’ Health

»  Jobs Asks Bloomberg To Be Left Alone; Tim Cook Also In The Spotlight

»  Jobs’ Health React: Apple Can Live On; List Of Successors; More Transparency Is Needed

»  Apple’s Steve Jobs Taking Leave Of Absence To Deal With His Health

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