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iPhone 5 coming to Sprint in October, says WSJ

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Sprint (s s) will be offering Apple’s iPhone 5(s aapl) for sale beginning in October, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal (s nws) on Tuesday. The iPhone will go on sale in mid-October at the No. 3 U.S. carrier, according to the WSJ‘s sources.

In addition to the iPhone 5, Sprint, which has a total subscriber base of 52 million as of the close of its most recent financial quarter, will also begin selling the iPhone 4 around that time, according to the report. If accurate, Apple’s smartphone will then be available to all the top three major U.S. carriers, since Verizon (s vz) began selling the iPhone 4 earlier this year, in addition to original iPhone carrier AT&T(s t).

More carrier choice is always a good thing for cell phone customers, and Sprint will definitely benefit from having the device that still remains the most popular single smartphone model in the U.S. The only thing that may disappoint some about the report is that it seems to indicate we’ll see a later introduction date for the iPhone 5 than has been reported, as the WSJ‘s sources indicated mid-October instead of earlier in the month or late September, as previous reports suggested.

Sprint remains the only major U.S. carrier with an unlimited data plan in place, so that might be a major selling point for data-hungry iPhone owners if it stays in place. Will Sprint offering the iPhone prompt a change in carriers for anyone?

27 Responses to “iPhone 5 coming to Sprint in October, says WSJ”

  1. The only reason I would like to try the iPhone is because I am a Mac user. Otherwise I am completely happy with the Samsung Epic. I have seen current iPhone screens and they do not come close to the bright, clear and bigger screen that the epic has. As far as wanting a smaller phone. . .The epic isn’t that bulky and I prefer to have an actual keyboard than on screen one. I also have long fingers which make the epic fit. . . a better choice. As far as the battery power on the epic. . .I bought an extra and it is very small in size and not at all a pain to carry with me. Do that and you will have unlimited power and data to last. Being a Mac user however, makes me curious about trying the iPhone 5. Not sure I can give up my epic just yet however.

  2. Been a Sprint customer for 5 years, good customer service, and willing to work with yu if yu can’t make payments on time. I’ve been wanting the iphone but I didn’t want to change carriers, but now that Sprint will gave the IPhone 5 I’m thrilled and excited.

  3. For some reason, I have a feeling that Sprint will change their data plan being that it’s just too good to be true to have unlimited calls, txt, & data for I believe $69.99? Sure everything is unlimited now, but we all know that they’ll change it. On the contrary, I am hoping it doesn’t, so when I do get the iPhone 5, I’ll gladly get it with Sprint rather than verizon or AT&T.

    Furthermore, being phoneless for 3 months sucks all because of the long wait for the iPhone 5. I hope it’s worth it.

    • Actually unlimited call, textz, and data is $99.99 a month. I’ve been with Sprint for over 5 years now and love it. I have the Evo with unlimited everything. Cant wait to get the Iphone 5.

    • Janice Aponte

      Actually Sprint already changed there rates. I’ve been a Sprint customer for a few years now paying $69.99 for unlimited everything data, but my sister just joined in the beginning of this year with an Evo and she pays $69.99 plus a premium data charge $9.99 that Sprint said is required for the Evo. So its really $79.99 now, which is still better than the $140-$150/month that you’ll pay with Verizon and Att for just one line. I’d rather pay the extra $10. Im sooo excited for Sprint to get the iphone. Im definitely switching to iphone.

  4. Luz Oropeza

    I’m on thiss! I been with sprint for 2 years have 3 lines with them, best price. I have a BB and had the evo till I lost it -___- so but I’m super exited for this relse!

  5. Casey Bisson

    After years with Verizon and then AT&T for the iPhone, I went to Sprint for a MiFi device in part because of their unlimited 4G. The coverage and performance have been good, but I’m also impressed with their customer service operations. If they do get the iPhone I’d consider switching to them at the end of my current contract with AT&T.

  6. I have been with all the carriers and truthfully ended back with Sprint. Spring has really turned things around in the past 5 yrs. They have the lowest Everything Data unlimited plan and the customer service has been outstanding. Hell Yes, I am going to get the new iPhone5!!

  7. Quentin

    sorry Aundre but the iphone 5 will be a 4.3 inch screen to compete with HTC the number selling hand held device company in the world stock shares range from 1200 to 1300 per share apple don’t have a chance.

  8. Up until a year ago, I had no interest in getting an iPhone. But since the Evo, Android phones have gotten too large for comfort. I “downgraded” from the Evo to the Nexus S for the smaller size, but if the rumors for the Nexus Primes 4.5″ screen are correct, and there won’t be a substantially smaller qHD Android phone, I’m definitely switching to the iPhone.

    I have lots of issues with Apple, but the size war of escalation between Android handsets, especially on Sprint, is definitely pushing me in Apple’s direction.

  9. Elizabeth Mock

    I have been a sprint customer since 99 and love whats new in there phone selection. I know someone with the iphone and would love to give it a try. My family knows that i always get my upgrade with sprint yearly due to the fact that i have 3 cellphones on my account and the main line gets low cost( 2 year discount) yearly upgrades. my friend asked what my feelings are about the iphone and my responce was that if sprint carried it then i could make my judgement. Hopefully soon i can decide if i would like the iphone or just stick with my samsung epic (which i love by the way). I have had my epic since its release and other then the battery life and a glich in sotfware (which has 100% been corrected) i am completely satified. I am totally pleased with sprint ( service and rates) so i know i would never switch carriers. this news about the iphone comming to sprint is extremly exciting.

    • I feel the same way. I believe that Sprint is continuing to offer their customers a good service. I’m also thinking about upgrading my phone to an iPhone 5 when it is released.

  10. Shunlai

    VZW barely helped Apple’s marketshare, Sprint will certainly do even less. if Apple wants to remain a relevant player they need a better strategy, focusing on the US won’t cut it.

    Apple has to do what they never have with an OS, be a player in the global market. their brand is so much weaker outside the US when compared to inside that it’s shocking.

    I know it’s hard for people in the US who don’t travel to understand because most of you lack multicultural knowledge. But it’s ALOT like the X-Box 360 situation. hugely successful household name inside the US, nearly irrelevant outside the US.

  11. I’m betting Sprint will offer it’s unlimited data plans with the iPhone 5. The question is will it work with tethering. If it does, and is able to do so using 4G speeds, then it will make for a great mobile hotspot.

  12. Until AT&T starts offering some loyalty discount, I will not be renewing every year, therefore I am stuck in the do-loop of always being behind. It’s time carriers recognized the speed of technology transition and got rid of this two-year bullsh*t.

  13. John Harrington, Jr.

    It will be interesting to see how many Sprint customers choose the iPhone 4 over the iPhone 5 despite being released at the same time.

    Speaking of new iPhone 4’s, anyone who just made the switch to Apple and wants to set up their new phone (or for some neat tips and tricks) can check out a tutorial here: