Mobile Lowdown 8-23-11: RIM; Apple iPhone; Erply; HP; Riots; Patents


A look at some of the big stories in mobile today:

» RIM launched three new BlackBerry devices today, extensions of its Curve range. The 9350, 9360 and 9370 are aimed at the mass market and will be priced economically when they begin to ship worldwide in September (this month in Canada). Among their features: the newest edition of the BlackBerry OS (7) as well as NFC support. (via RIM)

» Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) suppliers are reportedly now working on a cheaper version of the iPhone, with less storage and possibly to be priced under $200; and those makers working on the next high-end device have been told to be prepared to make 45 million devices — not the first time we’ve heard either of these stories but perhaps another confirmation. (via Reuters)

» KDDI has announced its first smartphone based on Windows Phone 7 “Mango”; it starts shipping later this month. (via KDDI)

» Erply, a new mobile payments startup, has launched a new accessory for iOS devices to enable a payment — a la the dongle from Square. Fagmentation, anyone? (via ZDNet)

» Rdio, the music-streaming company, is taking a page out of telcos’ books and introducing family pricing plans for its service. (via Rdio)

» Amid the bunfight for cheap, discontinued TouchPad devices, HP has said it will also stop selling the Pre 3 in the U.S., and will sell off its stock of the devices in Europe for $75 apiece. (via PCMag)

» Twitter, RIM and Facebook have all agreed to meet with the UK government later this week to discuss the roles of their social networks in the recent riots across England.

» Patent wars could get a lot messier in Europe if a new “unitary patent” directive gets passed. (via Guardian)

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