Today in Green IT: The modular data center grows up

And now for Today in Green IT — our daily look at what the curator of our research service, Adam Lesser, is thinking about, writing about and reading out there on the web in terms of energy-efficient and cleaner computing.

The modular data center continues to pick up steam as a solution to the growth of cloud computing and the need to produce energy-efficient data centers. Now there are companies emerging building businesses around selling this gear: like Modular Data Centers Stockholm, which is prefabing the whole data center and shipping it to clients.

Here’s what else Adam is thinking about and reading:

  • Solar window coatings that generate electricity: Maryland based New Energy Technologies says it has a working prototype of a window coating with enhanced transparency that can be used like a solar panel.
  • New Jersey solar-energy boom hurts market for credits: Problems in the renewable energy credits market in New Jersey. So many people are installing solar panels on their homes that the market in which homeowners want to sell the credits from these installations is crashing.
  • Tomorrow we’re publishing Adam’s weekly update on low power chips! Stay tuned.

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