Today in Green IT: Baby steps for low power ARM servers

And now for Today in Green IT — our daily look at what the curator of our research service, Adam Lesser, is thinking about, writing about and reading out there on the Interwebs in terms of energy efficient and cleaner computing.

First up, Adam says we’re still a long ways from an ARM-based low power server world, but the idea is taking baby steps. Canonical, the software company that delivers the software platform Ubuntu, says that the next version of its platform, which is due in October, will carry a variant that will boot on ARM based machines.

Here’s what else Adam is thinking about and reading:

  • Are containerized data centers soon to be the new normal? On the week that eBay announced that its new Salt Lake City data center would be a modular design, we get an analysis looking at the potential for pre-fab approach and how it might help further integrate power, data and systems management.

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