Mobile Lowdown 8-19-11: HP/WebOS; Sprint/Clearwire; iPhone 5


Credit: Tom Krazit

Here’s a look at some of the top stories in mobile today:

What to do with WebOS?: HP (NYSE: HPQ) has few options in the wake of its decision to halt the development of WebOS devices. (mocoNews)

iPhone 5 for October?: AT&T (NYSE: T) is reportedly telling employees to expect the first few weeks of October to be “really, really busy.” (BGR)

Next Nexus on tap: Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and Samsung might also be ready to launch the Nexus Prime phone around October, which will be the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone. (mmmm….) (Electronic Times, Korea)

Sprint (NYSE: S) on the hunt: Somebody’s going to need to help Clearwire (NSDQ: CLWR) out if it is really going to build an LTE network, and long-time benefactor Sprint may be getting together with cable companies to buy the carrier. (Bloomberg)

iPad 3 in 2012: One day after HP killed its TouchPad, a report surfaced that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is well along with planning for the iPad 3, which some people had expected would launch this year. (Wall Street Journal)

AT&T as GM: Forrester Research’s CEO George Colony argues that AT&T shouldn’t be allowed to purchase T-Mobile lest it become as stale as General Motors. (Forrester)

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