HP Gives WebOS Devices The Boot: A History In Links

HP Palm WebOS Apps

Just after announcing plans to offload its PC group, HP (NYSE: HPQ) said it would stop making WebOS devices. Why the moves? For starters, the TouchPad tablet had a disappointing debut and the WebOS devices have had dismal sales. For a better understanding of the history of HP and WebOS — including when the platform first made its debut as part of Palm amid high expectations — check out our timeline in links, embedded below:

January 8, 2009: Palm Announces Palm WebOS At CES, Also Palm Pre

March 9, 2009: Palm Moves To Bolster Capital

March 10, 2009: Palm Increases Public Offering, Sets Pricing

March 19, 2009: Earnings: Palm Says Forget The Huge Losses, Focus On The Pre

April 20, 2009: Early Developers Are Finding Palm’s webOS Is Holding Up To The Hype

May 19, 2009: Sprint Confident That Palm Pre Will Be A ‘Blockbuster’

June 3, 2009: All The Ways The Palm Pre Could Fail

June 4, 2009: Palm And Sprint: Pre’s Success Is “Not A Line Out The Door”

June 8, 2009: Is The Palm Pre Up To The Task If It Is All About The Apps?

June 12, 2009: Palm To Pay New CEO Jon Rubinstein Up To $1.7 Million A Year; Colligan’s Departure Is Costly

June 23, 2009: Sprint Expects Shortages Of The Palm Pre To Continue-New iPhone Or Not

June 25, 2009: Palm’s CEO: So Far 1 Million Apps Downloaded; ‘Haven’t Had An Issue’ With Lack Of Developer Interest

July 6, 2009: The Palm Pre May Or May Not Be Meeting Expectations

September 8, 2009: Updated: Sprint Slashes $100 Off Palm Pre Pricing-Then Changes Its Mind Twice

September 23, 2009: Is Nokia Interested In Palm? Palm’s Stock Soars On Rumors

September 24, 2009: Palm Raises $359.9 Million; Confirms Handset Launches

November 13, 2009: Is Nokia Eyeing Palm?

February 2, 2010: Analyst Predicts Bright Future For Palm’s WebOS

February 24, 2010: What’s Palm’s Next Move?

March 19, 2010: Palm’s Stock Dives As Analyst Downgrades Target Price To $0

April 9, 2010: Is HTC Interested In Palm?

April 14, 2010: Hedge Fund Manager Falcone Buys Stake In Palm

April 19, 2010: RadioShack Gives Up On Palm

April 23, 2010: Palm’s Back-Up Plan If Its List Of Buy-Out Candidates Shrinks To Zero

April 28, 2010: HP Buys Palm For $1.2 Billion

April 28, 2010: HP’s Immediate Plan For Palm: Invest

April 29, 2010: Palm’s CEO Jon Rubinstein Letter To The Troops

May 17, 2010: There’s More Than A Break-Up Fee Keeping The HP-Palm Deal Together

June 21, 2010: Palm Cuts Price Of Apps In Half

July 1, 2010: Palm Officially Becomes Part Of HP

August 30, 2010: HP Hires Former HTC Executive To Help With Palm Acquisition

February 9, 2011: Will HP’s Three New Devices Be Enough To Help It Crack The Market?

May 4, 2011: HP, AT&T To Launch Veer WebOS Phone For $99 This Month

August 5, 2011: HP Takes $100 Off The Price Of The TouchPad, Is That Enough?

August 10, 2011: HP Permanently Cuts Price Of TouchPad By $100

August 17, 2011: Consumers Taking Hands-Off Approach To HP’s TouchPad At Best Buy

August 18, 2011: Reports: HP Ready To Enter Its Post-PC Phase With Spin-Off Of PC Group

August 18, 2011: HP To Halt All WebOS Device Development, Confirms Talks To Shed PC Group

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