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Foursquare Adds Checkins For Movies, Concerts, ESPN Sports

Sometimes what’s important is what you’re doing, not where you are (I should write Hallmark cards, right?). If you’re going to the movies, for instance, the most relevant bit of info is probably that you’re seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love, not that you’re at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13. Recognizing this, Foursquare has added check-ins for some events through partnerships with ESPN (NYSE: DIS), and Songkick.

ESPN will supply sports venue data, along with other news and information like facts, stats and concession stand tips, to Foursquare. The partnerships with and Songkick are more straightforward; combined, Foursquare says, the companies will cover over 50,000 venues in the next few months. Each event will appear in the Foursquare app a couple of hours before it begins.

Following the announcement on its blog today, Foursquare received lots of comments and questions about whether users and venues will be able to create their own events. The answer: We’re thinking about it but “but want to make sure we do it right. We’ll let you know when we figure out what it should look like!” From here, it also doesn’t seem like a big step toward Foursquare providing check-ins to specific TV shows and books, for instance–possibly usurping the niche that companies like GetGlue have created. And, more than a few commenters noted, this is also a nice new data stream for Foursquare since it will now be able to see which events are most popular among its users.

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  1. Cool direction! This is exactly what I said they should do in the Quora topic about the future of check-in services:….Our startup Filmaster (, launched at SXSW 2011 in March, was probably the first one to allow people to check-in to particular movie screenings in theaters. Of course as a movie service, it does way more than Foursquare’s new movie check-in feature, like it gives you personalized film recommendations in all cinemas nearby (and soon on TV and Netflix as well). I’m wondering what’s Foursquare’s strategy on cooperating with services like Filmaster now that they are adding more specialized features. Should we still integrate with FSQR so that people who check in on Filmaster can easier become mayors of their favorite cinemas, or should we treat them as competitors now? I’m interested to hear your opinion.