LinkedIn Upgrades Mobile Apps And Web Site With Simpler Design

Linkedin Mobile Ios App Redesign 8 2011

Now that it’s a public company, it’s probably time to take that mobile thing seriously. LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) has rolled out fresh new mobile applications for both iOS and Android as well as a new mobile Web site built using HTML5 technologies.

hat’s of course a bit unfair to LinkedIn, which had a mobile presence long ago and has recently spoken about how much usage its services see from mobile devices. But the new apps are a substantial improvement over the older ones, with a cleaner design and a simpler interface better suited for quick interaction on a mobile screen. Those who prefer mobile browsing will also get a much cleaner experience with the new site, currently available at

Mobile applications are key to other social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, which see a huge percentage of traffic from smartphones. LinkedIn is a little different in that it’s a professional service that most people don’t update quite as much, but the company has been trying to drive more frequent visits with products like LinkedIn Today and updates are a key section of the redesigned mobile app.

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