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Report: Apple Used Distorted Galaxy Tab Image In Samsung Complaint

There may have been some shenanigans involved with Apple’s complaint to a German judge about the design of the Galaxy Tab, according to a report. The image of Samsung’s Android tablet used in the legal document has been altered to make it look more like the iPad.

WebWereld, an IT publication in the Netherlands, examined one of the images in Apple’s complaint and found that the picture of the Galaxy Tab had been made to look wider than it really appears and had been cropped, which brought it more in line with the iPad. The aspect ratio of the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab is actually 1.46, but in the picture used in the complaint it appeared to be 1.30.

There’s no suggestion that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) did this on purpose, but it was a silly thing to do in any event, as it could give Samsung some ammunition to fire back at Apple on appeal in the dispute over the resemblance between the iPad and the Galaxy Tab. And it underscores how much the Community design system at issue in this case is skewed in favor of the design rights holder, as Samsung had limited recourse to identify issues with the complaint before being hit with a preliminary injunction against sales of the Tab in most European countries.