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Mobile Lowdown 8-15-11: Bart; Moto/Samsung/Apple; iPhone; McAfee; Android

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A look at some of the big stories in mobile today:

» BART: A counterpoint to the ongoing debate in the UK over whether authorities or groups have a right to shut down cell phone services: The Bay Area Rapid Transit shut down its cell phone service last Thursday to disrupt planned demonstrations; hackers retaliated by attacking the group’s web sites and releasing private details about users. The UK debate was triggered when it was revealed that BlackBerry Messenger was used to help organize people for the riots. (via CNet; TNW; @pixplz)

» iPhone: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has increased its iPhone shipment target for the second half of 2011 to 56 million units; nearly half of those will be iPhone 5. (via Digitimes)

» Should Apple buy a carrier? One look at the pros and cons of what Jobs & Co. might do with Apple’s immense cash pile. (via Monday Note)

» McAfee: A new anti-theft app for the iPhone. (via VentureBeat)

» Motorola/Samsung/Apple suits: Motorola (NYSE: MMI) has confirmed that is is being sued by Apple in Europe over infringing on Apple’s designs and is contesting the claims; Samsung will be going to court on August 25 in Dusseldorf to contest the injunction order on the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab tablet, made by the courts in a similar case Apple has pending against Samsung. (via email; Dow Jones)

» HP: Reports of death greatly exaggerated? App sales are skyrocketing for one WebOS developer. (via PreCentral)

» Android: Oracle asks a California court to let it “probe” Google’s business model to prove that it is a big revenue driver (cue more legal battles). (via Total Telecom/Dow Jones)

» Nokia: The handset maker has reportedly ordered two million Windows Phones from the handset manufacturer Compal. (via Kauppalehti)