6 Responses to “SF BART cut cell service to disrupt protests”

    • quentin

      The man that was shot was armed and attacking officers…

      The comparisons to Egypt are a huge stretch. I agree that the access to technology should not be easily removed, the situations in the UK and in SF are not the same as information suppression employed in Egypt. These are both cases of organizations protecting the lives and interests of many by inconveniencing a few. The protesters were never told they couldn’t assemble. BART just did what was necessary to ensure the safety of those others that would be there.

      Would you all be cheering for civil rights triumphs if BART dis nothing and innocent people were injured or killed because of overcrowding on the platforms? How about if the planning of organized violence via twitter in the UK caused the deaths of innocent bystanders? This is not a black and white issue. There has to be a gray area.

  1. JoseinAventura

    Another attempt to hijack the very few freedoms that we have in the West, it’s just a matter of time before new laws are passed in all the “Freedom Loving” Western powers as we did it in the US after 9/11

  2. Derrick

    The UK Prime Minister comments are VERY different and can’t be compared to the BART situation. David Camerion suggests freezing accounts (using intelligence) of known organisers of riots or any attempting to organise crime using these mediums, which is already against Terms & Conditions of these companies, NOT a blanket shutdown of cellphone service. It is a complicated issue that could use continued debate.