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Netflix tests new web UI for kids. First look

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Netflix (s NFLX) has started to test a separate section for children’s content on its website with a UI that is optimized to be used by kids themselves. Select Netflix members have been getting a new tab labeled “Just For Kids” in the main menu of the Netflix website that takes them to the section, but the page has been inaccessible for others.

The first visible difference between the new kids section and you average genre page on is a horizontal scroll bar that displays various kids characters from Hello Kitty to Shaun the Sheep.

A click on one of those characters opens a new page that offers access to TV show episodes and movies starring that character. Each episode is previewed with a screenshot, and there is barely any text at all. Everything is optimized for instant playback of the episodes displayed.

We reported just two weeks ago that Netflix was looking to hire a Senior User Experience Designer for Kids & Family to make its site more kids-friendly. A job opening posted on the company’s website said at the time that potential candidates for that job should be able to “envision kids’ interfaces that are friendlier, simpler (and) more fun” as well as be “passionate about creating fun, easy-to-understand interfaces that communicate with kids on their level.”

It’s unclear whether the current kids page design will be rolled out to all Netflix members or whether it’s still part of a limited test. Netflix is famous for its A/B testing, a process that the company uses for almost every design decision. That means it’s entirely possible that there are other versions of kids pages being tested at this very moment.

We’ve asked Netflix about the scope of this feature and will update this article as soon as we get an answer.

14 Responses to “Netflix tests new web UI for kids. First look”

  1. cool, is this mean there will be a Child channel?
    Hope it can do streaming smoothly as described. Or else I would like to continue use the iFunia to do converting for videos watching.

  2. Heather

    My 3 year old can use netflix from her ipad and her work station we also stream to the TV. I add the movies to the que and supervise my kids. Maybe its good for parents that dont supervise or work and have latch key kids.

  3. Cassandra Casey

    Wow. Complain much? Just pick a movie and go with it. SO what if it’s not the newest movie available. Unless you have absolutely NOTHING to do in your life other than watch TV, there’s no way you could ever have watched every movie that you’ve ever wanted to see. And as far as parents complaining? It’s pretty simple, monitor your kids, and if you want them to watch less TV, do what I do. March in and TURN IT OFF. Make them go outside, or read a book. Complaining about the fact that they can see what movies you look at and bitching that Netflix doesn’t have parental controls can NEVER take the place of just A. NOT watching inappropriate crap that you’d rather not want anyone to know you look at,and B. TALKING to your kids about what they are looking at, and MAKING them do something else. This is exactly why we have the issues we have. Everyone complaining about how this or that company is not doing enough to make your life easier, blah blah blah…when it’s easy enough to parent your own kid. Lazy begets lazy, though, and I guess the example is set. Why expect your kids to edit themselves and limit themselves when we cannot? Sorry, I’m just so sick of freaking complainers. Don’t like it? Throw out your TV.

  4. screw netflix drop your price back and also everything on streaming, and stop throttling new release dvd’s and then maybe maybe you can get back in our good graces

  5. Michael

    This is nice and all, but what Netflix really needs is some form of parental controls so that I can limit what my kids can do and watch. I don’t particularly want my kids seeing my queue or what movies I’ve watched on streaming, and I know many parents would like to be able to limit what types of movies their kids can watch either by genre or rating. This is so painfully obvious to me and many parents I know, yet I have given up ever hoping Netflix will do this. They are effectively a monopoly in home video streaming, and seem to have no incentive to innovate.

  6. Griffintard

    Now they need the children’s UI to not affect my suggested videos? Not only that, but there needs to be a way to default to “kids view”, then allow pop out into regular UI by a password or something.

  7. Alok Chadha

    I don’t understand the hatred towards Netflix. It is the media companies that are jacking up the costs causing Netflix to limit content. Look at Netflix’s earnings reports, they aren’t ripping you off. Do you realize that at $8 unlimited streaming, the margins are so tight that there is no one else that can provide competition. If you’ve subscribed to Hulu+, you will know what I mean. Those who ditched Netflix will come back in. At $8 a month, it is less than 1 movie ticket… what more do you expect.