Cablevision and Viacom settle iPad app lawsuit


After months of legal wrangling, Cablevision (s CVC) and Viacom (s VIA) announced Wednesday they are putting their differences aside. The two companies have reached an agreement to resolve their litigation regarding Cablevision’s Optimum App iPad (s AAPL) application, which allows Cablevision subscribers to view live and VOD programming on the tablet within their own home.

This is what the companies said in a short joint statement:

“Viacom and Cablevision have agreed to resolve their pending litigation, and the Viacom programming will continue to appear on Cablevision’s Optimum Apps for iPad and other IP devices. In reaching the settlement agreement, Cablevision and Viacom were able to resolve the iPad matter and an unrelated business matter to their mutual satisfaction. Neither side is conceding its original legal position or will have further comment.”

It’s good news for both companies, as the litigation could have easily stretched on for months. As NewTeeVee’s Ryan Lawler wrote in June, “Cablevision historically has shown that it’s not afraid to stand up to programmers in these types of disputes.”

No financial terms of the settlement have been disclosed.

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