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How “connectedness” changes the car? A conversation with Ford CTO [Video]

Ford Motor Company’s chief technology officer Paul Mascarenas has been working with the Dearborn, Michigan-based car company for nearly 30 years. In three decades he has seen the car become an electronics powerhouse, packed with chips that control everything from fuel injection to the chassis alignment. And that is the start. From Pandora to Facebook to smart sensors, Mascarenas, who sat down with me last week, shares his roadmap for the future of cars in the era of connectedness.

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5 Responses to “How “connectedness” changes the car? A conversation with Ford CTO [Video]”

  1. Max Ramirez

    Not a surprise !! we see the technology in the car growing every day. Now, what called my attention here was the challenge to keep your car’s technology openness and flexibility to adopt new products and needs along it life cycle. How could a car from 5 years ago seemlesly connect to your iPad today ? and how my recent purchased car will be easliy adapted to future navigation, communication, connectivity and entertainment offerings that the owner will definitely have.

  2. Brian S Hall

    While not exactly the same thing…I just finished 8 days of road trips with my children. Having the trusty Virgin MiFi converting 3G to WiFi kept the children fully connected during dead times while driving through Missouri and other states.

    • Indeed.I think it is the connectivity which makes all the difference and I think we are going to see more “interesting” services pop up to leverage the time in the car and connectivity.