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Andrew Sullivan on the art of blogging [Video]

Andrew Sullivan, a well known political commentator, former magazine editor and legendary blogger who has changed homes often (Time, The Atlantic and now at the Daily Beast) offers up some great tips and advice to aspiring bloggers on the art of blogging. More than a decade after I started blogging, I couldn’t agree with Sullivan more. Enjoy the video.

…you have to post at least twice a day — more likely 4-5 times a day — to be considered a blog, otherwise you are just a web site. Second, blogging is about dialogue, understanding as a blogger that you don’t have all the answers and instead the process of getting at truth means harnessing the power of the online collective conversation and mind. [Big Think]

4 Responses to “Andrew Sullivan on the art of blogging [Video]”

  1. Steven Johnson

    Andrew Sullivan is a smart guy and a very talented blogger. I have been following some of his postings for quite the time now.

    I have recently been laid off of my SEO job and have had the time to be home blogging on my site about Technology News. Since I’m home all the time, I have been getting numerous blog posts submitted a day and I have seen a HUGE spike in activity and hits per page.

    Everything that Andrew Sullivan has suggested worked amazingly well. My next step for my blogging career is to make a living with blogging.

  2. Is posting more than once or even once in a day possible for a single author or two author blog like ours? Will the articles have quality everyday rather than posting maximum 2 times in a week? I can agree to multiple author blogs but for a single author, it is next to impossible or the quality will suffer. Do other bloggers post once a day or 2 times a day with your regular work schedule?

  3. I liked that video. Thank you. I don’t blog nearly as much as he suggests. I think a lot of my “content” is condensed and streamed on Twitter all day. Maybe I should be developing some more longer-form blog pieces as well. Also, Andrew is a blogger foremost; my blogging is incidental to my work. Sometimes, though, I wish I could make a living just blogging and communicating.