5 Responses to “With Skillshare, everyone can be a teacher”

  1. I get it that they are trying to differentiate themselves from companies that offer online classes but why not offer web casts of their offline classes?

  2. Kirsten Winkler

    Ryan, thanks for covering a start-up in the education space, still doesn’t happen that often ;) It’s probably a bit early to compare them with airbnb and kickstarter. I’m still wondering what Skillshare do that is significantly different from companies like meetup.com or teachstreet.com and quite a few other start-ups in education 2.0. I also think that Skillshare can only work in large urban areas or maybe still second cities but not at the scale of an airbnb or kickstarter that can be successful basically anywhere.

  3. airbnb – clear winner, kickstarter – clear winner in its space as well … but getaround – small and not a clear winner and not the current leader in its space. I’m an investor in RelayRides which is far ahead and better funded – if you are an investor in getaround best to call that out in the article OR if its just what came top of mind, fair enough, it means RR has to do a better PR job

    • Ryan Kim

      Hey Michael, I’m no investor in Getaround. They’re just more top of mind for me because I wrote about them a couple months ago. Will keep RR in mind for future stories. Thanks for the comment.