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Mobile Mason-Dixon: Android in South, iOS in North

Which states click ads on which mobile platform? Jumptap, a mobile ad company, created the graphic above based on data from the 83 million unique users on its ad network, and on Friday it shared it in its monthly STAT report. The information doesn’t represent direct device or platform sales by state, but it does provide a decent overview of where different kinds of mobile devices are primarily being used.

Even though this isn’t necessarily representative of sales, I’m a little surprised that several northeast states — squarely in Verizon (s vz) territory — show an ad-click bias towards iOS(s aapl). And given higher ad click rates on Android(s goog) and iOS in the past, I wouldn’t have expected BlackBerry (s rimm) device owners to lead the mobile-ad clicking in seven states. Aside from the state-by-state information, Jumptap is getting more granular by tracking ad clicks by device manufacturer, which brings another small surprise:

[M]anufacturer analysis showed that Sony Ericsson devices are the only Android devices with ad performance nearing that of iOS devices. Ads running on Sony Ericsson devices in the first half of 2011 averaged a .54% click-through rate, making it the only Android manufacturer above the industry average of .52%, but still not as high as iOS devices at .78%.

While all the information is interesting to see, it’s of little value to consumers like you and me. But with more-detailed data such as this, advertisements can be targeted with greater specificity. A company local to me in Pennsylvania, for example, could exclusively offer ads on Android to get more bang for its buck. As the mobile-advertising spend continues to increase over time, I expect to see more ad networks follow Jumptap’s lead and begin to drill down through the vast information store captured by ad click-throughs on mobile in unique ways.

6 Responses to “Mobile Mason-Dixon: Android in South, iOS in North”

  1. Keep in mind, folks, that this is for “ad clicks”! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never, ever clicked on an ad (well, perhaps once or twice in 10 years on a Macintosh, inadvertently) and never plan on starting now.

    This says something about gullibility and phone types!

  2. Leslie Ferrer

    I don’t know about the rest of the country, but I live in MS where Cellular South is the dominant provider (coverage EVERYWHERE). Bad thing is their phone selection is dismal and the best phone they have is Android. Pretty much everyone has an HTC Hero.