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Teen Girls Want BlackBerries, Not iPhones

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Fascinating metrics in Ofcom’s wide-ranging Communications Market Report 2011 counters the commonly-held, share-based belief that Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is universally the most favoured smartphone.

Amongst UK teens, BlackBerry beats iPhone 37 percent to 17 for brand choice. “Female teens, in particular, appear to have a preference for BlackBerry handsets (44 percent),” Ofcom says. “Anecdotal evidence suggests that this preference is driven by the BlackBerry messenger service (BBM) which offers a free alternative to texting (SMS).”

And yet, app use is higher amongst teens than the adults who are iPhone’s biggest fans. That seems to point to a massive – and, perhaps, as yet unrealised – opportunity for BlackBerry App World.

3 Responses to “Teen Girls Want BlackBerries, Not iPhones”

  1. brianinwood

    “that’s why RIM is doing so well”

    RIM has $1.7 billion in the bank, no debt, and has grown quarter after quarter after quarter.  The whole “RIM is DOOMED” meme has grown primarily out of the opinions of people who prefer other smartphone OSes, not out of any real statistics.  Hard as it is for partisans of other OSes to imagine, lots of people value solid battery life and class-leading messaging over Angry Birds and Netflix.

  2. James495

    [sarcasm]True research, that’s why RIM is doing so well[/sarcasm]

    Honestly everyone, the researchers claim it themselves “… anecdotal evidence suggests…”. Yeah, I’ll base my business strategy on that….

    Finally, I’m sure I can find 5 studies that would say the contrary or that teenage girls prefer Nokia phones. It all depends on the methodology, the actual questions asked and the sampling.

    At best, these results should be taken to temper/dilute other research claiming that the iPhone trumps all, but it should definitely not be taken as a bona fide re-emergence of RIM and it’s Blackberry product.

  3. Nick Thomas

    It’s all about BBM. Until Apple has a) an entry level phone that teens (or their indulgent parents, like me) can afford and b) an effective messaging service it won’t get a look in. And even then it will need users to replace the Blackberries en masse.

    Recent talk of RIM’s woes seems odd when so many teens are addicted to their Blackberries.