Klout Adds Foursquare And YouTube; Coming Soon: Google+ And Facebook Pages

Klout score is not yet an easily recognizable metric compared to, say, one’s number of Twitter followers or Facebook friends. But the company, which aims to measure users’ online influence (and which recently attracted attention for giving away Spotify accounts), wants that score to be more meaningful than either. Klout is now including Foursquare in its calculations, and is also rolling out other updates aimed at finding users beyond the Twitterati.

“Foursquare adds another dimension to our concept of influence: local,” says Klout on its official blog. It says its “science team” has found that over two-thirds of Foursquare users post tips, and “80% of active users have ‘done’ [acted on] tips.” The company positions its addition of Foursquare as a way to reach out to users who “may not use Twitter or Facebook that much, but have a rich and engaged network on Foursquare.” That doesn’t make that much sense to me–Foursquare is still pretty niche-y, and it seems that the early-ish adopters using it probably still use Facebook and Twitter more.

That explanation works better for YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG), though. Klout has quietly added the option to allow users to link their YouTube accounts to their Klout accounts, although YouTube accounts aren’t yet figured into influence calculations, the company told me. But YouTube really is an area where non-Twitter or Foursquare hounds may have those “rich and engaged networks” that Klout wants to tap into.

In addition to Foursquare and YouTube, Klout connects to users’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) accounts. And according to the “Connected Networks” page on my profile, Google+ and Facebook Pages will be added soon.