Oops! TouchTunes funding details leaked on Google+

Can you hear me?

Music streaming company TouchTunes is said to have secured $45 million in Series E funding at a $300 million valuation.

Although those are some pretty impressive figures, the news is perhaps most notable for how it has been made public: through a case of mistaken identity and the modern world of instant public broadcasting. A Google employee named Patrick Barry received an email at his Gmail account apparently intended for TouchTunes’ CFO, also named Patrick Barry.

Apparently amused, Barry promptly relayed the news in a public post on his Google+ account:

In case anyone cared, touchtunes.com just got $45M series E investment at a $300M valuation. People really should remember not to mis-type their email addresses when sending confidential stuff like this – it turns out that I am not pbarry@touchtunes.com.

I’ve reached out to TouchTunes for comment, as well as to Google’s Patrick Barry. I’ll update this post with any additional information I receive.


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