GigaOM Pro: Simply stated



It’s something we all want to do, and it was the first thing that popped into my head when the boss said he wanted a series of video ads explaining our subscription research service, GigaOM Pro.

Like so many web video creators, we set out to create a high-impact ad that would catch your eye, hold your attention and entertain as well as inform.

Also like so many web video creators, we had a budget of zero dollars and zero cents.

So we asked, “WWDDD?”* and set about meeting this challenge.

We wanted to create something on the cheap without its looking cheap. None of us are professional actors, so shooting a “scene” was out of the question, and we had no budget to hire expensive animators. The answer, of course, was to simplify.

For the longer explanatory video that provides a more in-depth view of the service, we went with paper cutouts. This gives an illusion of animation without all the expensive illustration and rendering. Using basic shapes and a little help from our friends at DESIGNaboutTOWN, we could walk users through GigaOM Pro, provide a visual representation of how the service disrupts traditional research and show just how big our expert network is. Add some bouncy music created in GarageBand and voilà! A simplified solution explaining a complex product.

But we also want to showcase different elements of GigaOM Pro in a series of pre-roll ads. Future videos will tout specific features or use case scenarios that today’s information workers will come across.

Hopefully you’ll have as much fun watching these spots as we did creating them. We’d love to hear your feedback below.

* What Would Don Draper Do? The answer, of course, is light up a smoke and down a whiskey, but that’s not very helpful here.



I would recommend that all of your articles that mention your premium service have at least two sentences that literally describe what the service does. It sounds like it might be something I would actually be interested in, but it’s not quite clear enough to make me actually watch the video or followup figuring out what your service is.

Solana Crawford

Glad it turned to great! Happy to be a part of it. You guys have a killer product!
Solana Crawford, Chief Creative Officer

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