7 Lion annoyances and how to fix them


With every OS upgrade, there’s always some new annoyances that pop up, and since Lion (s aapl) is such a big update to OS X, it stands to reason that it has more annoyances than usual. Here’s how to remedy seven of them.

Enable three-finger swipe for back/forward

In Snow Leopard, swiping three fingers on the trackpad moved you back or forward in Safari and the Finder. In Lion, however, that gesture has been changed to two fingers, with the three finger gesture reserved for Mission Control. In effect, any apps that used this gesture for back/forward are broken and need to be updated to use the new gesture. Until then, you can get the old gesture back by going to Trackpad in System Preferences, and under the “More Gestures” tab changing the option for “Swipe between pages” to “Swipe left or right with two or three fingers”. If you do this, you’ll have to switch between full-screen apps with four fingers.

Enable tap dragging and disable inertial scrolling

Apple moved these preferences to the Universal Access pane in System Preferences. To tweak them, enter the Universal Access area, go to the “Mouse and Trackpad” tab and click “Trackpad Options.”

Turn off automatic file locking

Due to the addition of Auto Save, Lion automatically locks files after two weeks if they haven’t been edited. You can change this by going into System Preferences > Time Machine > Options and unchecking the option to lock files.

Take Dashboard out of Mission Control

With Lion, Dashboard is now a space in Mission Control. If you don’t want it taking up the room, or if you want Dashboard to act as an overlay, the way it did in Snow Leopard, you can go to Mission Control’s System Preferences pane and uncheck the box next to “Show Dashboard as a space.”

Show the Finder’s status bar and hide All My Files

The Lion Finder has a couple of annoying changes. First, the status bar is hidden, so you can’t see the extra information it provided, such as how much space is left on a volume. You can show it again by going to View in the Menu bar and clicking “Show Status Bar.”

Second, the Finder has a new sidebar item called “All My Files.” Basically, this is a smart folder that shows a full list of every kind of file on your system. While this may be useful for people who don’t have a lot of files, for me, it’s pretty worthless, as I have to scroll for ages to find anything. You can get rid of it by simply holding down the Command (?) key and dragging it out of the sidebar.

What other annoyances have you found in Lion? Tell us in the comments.

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