So you want to start a web sharing company


With all the attention (not all of it good) that collaborative consumption companies like Airbnb have been getting lately, we’ve been mulling over some tips and advice for entrepreneurs looking to either start one of these companies now, or hoping to make one of these companies succeed.

Over on GigaOM Pro (subscription requires) I dig into 5 things you need to keep in mind when starting one of these companies:

  1. Funding is still prevalent. Right now funding is still there; get it while it’s hot.
  2. Mobile will become even more important. If not THE most important thing.
  3. Corporations are taking notice. Like hotel chains, and traditional car rental companies.
  4. Creating a web-sharing service is low-cost. Actual capital costs tend to be low.
  5. Security and privacy will be crucial. Perhaps the most important thing, given the recent Airbnb hullabaloo.

For the rest of my analysis check out GigaOM Pro (subscription required).

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