Google Nexus S is free, but only for a day


There’s either a glut of Google Nexus S inventory, or Best Buy (s bby) is a generous mood: The latest Google experience smartphone is available for free with contract for 24 hours.

All three Nexus S models, for Sprint (s s), T-Mobile and AT&T (s t), are part of the promotion, starting tonight at 11pm CST through midnight tomorrow. Made by Samsung, deals like this can help the handset maker boost sales in its bid to become the top-selling smartphone brand in the world.

The retailer is selling the Android 2.3 device in stores and online through its Best Buy Mobile website. The handset doesn’t have a dual-core processor, but uses Samsung’s vivid Super AMOLED Plus display, has a front-facing camera with support for Google Talk (s goog) video and typically receives Android software updates before other smartphones.

While the phone debuted in December with compatibility for T-Mobile’s network, it only launched with AT&T network support July 24 for $99. A WiMAX version of the Nexus S launched in May for Sprint’s network, which is also the only handset with support for Google’s Wallet service. All Nexus S handsets include an integrated NFC, or near-field communication, chip for wireless payments using Google Wallet, but the T-Mobile and AT&T versions aren’t yet part of the Google Wallet payment system.


Kevin C. Tofel

Art, the Sprint version does support WiMAX. The models for T-Mobile and AT&T are not 4G capable and max out at 7.2 Mbps on their respective HSPA (3G) networks.

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