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Pottermore: Please Stop Selling Beta Accounts On eBay

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With at least 25 Pottermore beta accounts now for sale on eBay (NSDQ: EBAY), the site has posted a notice: Cut it out!

“Please do not buy, sell, or transfer Pottermore early access accounts. Obtaining Beta registration for Pottermore with the intent of selling on those registration details for monetary gain not only deprives genuine fans the chance to gain early access, it is also expressly prohibited in The Magical Quill promotion Terms & Conditions,” says a post on the official Pottermore Insider Blog. “We have the right to terminate any Pottermore accounts that are sold online. Access to Pottermore is, and always will be, completely free so please don’t be tempted by people selling Pottermore accounts online. You will only be wasting your money–and there are still more clues and chances to come!”

It’s not that surprising that Pottermore early access accounts are hitting eBay, considering that there is a massive demand for them and “only” one million are being issued. Today marks the third day of the Magical Quill contest, and as of this writing it’s already closed. (“We know that many of you waited through the night for the first two clues to be posted on,” the blog says.)

Four days of the competition are left to go, and once it’s over I’d expect the eBay action to pick up. For now, though, there doesn’t appear to be much demand for the accounts listed on the site–especially since there’s no consensus among sellers about what this free account is worth. Starting prices range from $0.99 to $100, and so far the bidding has gotten as high as, uh, $7.50.

14 Responses to “Pottermore: Please Stop Selling Beta Accounts On eBay”

  1. Jenessa

    To anyone that may get on this. I’m not saying that selling them is right, I think it is terribly wrong. However, 1 million people were allowed in, and how many students does it say are on there? Well it says 687,890. That means that people went through the trouble to get an early access account, and could care less to actually use it, or even just get sorted! Blame them as well.

  2. USAmom, it’s not a “scarcity game”.  They need to allow access like this in phases because opening it up to everyone would either heavily overload or (more likely) completely crash their servers.  This way they can get feedback/fix bugs/scale the servers as needed.    

  3. Well it’s about time USA had a time zone inconvenience. I always have to wake up REALLY EARLY or miss out because the event was in school hours.

    Finally something was convenient, this showed up at 8PM for me :D

  4. Caturdayz

    Brody, I’m not exactly sure if that is money well spent… I have had a chance to register an account every day for the past 6 days, if you’re a fan of the Pottermore facebook page, or follow a Pottermore twitter, your screen lights up once the clue hits.

  5. the stereotypical American??? Actually, no. We do not think any such thing. I live in America too. Even though “the author is from England and the books are set in England,” it is now a series that is adored WORLDWIDE and people all over the world should have an opportunity to get early access. Apparently JK Rowling and the partners for Pottermore feel the same way, seeing as how they have continued to change the time of each clue to make it more convenient for other places.

  6. I woke up at 3 AM yesterday to get mine, if you want it, you gotta make the effort, it´s not fair that people try to make money out of a gift, that´s just wrong.

  7. Look if you want the account then you should have to earn it. Boohoo if you have to stay up late and sleep all day. That’s what it takes to get in. You can’t expect her to make the time more convenient for Americans and less convenient for Brits when the series did originate there and not in America. That’s just absurd.

  8. Quit playing this “scarcity game” and you won’t have the eBay problem!
    This whole endeavour is really rude to the younger USA kids who can’t compete with the London time zone to get in. 

    • Here’s the latest on that from Pottermore: “We know that Harry Potter fans around the world are taking part in the challenge, so we will be varying the times that the clues are revealed. We can tell you that tomorrow’s clue (Day 4) will be released between 2.00pm and 6.00pm BST.” (That’s between 9 AM and 1 PM EST…)

    • It’s really not very hard at all to get an account and yes, I am an American. If it means staying up a few extra hours, so what? It’s well worth it! This is, after all, an early chance to get into the site. As such, I don’t think they should make it too easy to obtain. I’m guessing you’re concerned about your kid not getting an account. If it’s that important to you, you should either let your kid stay up or make them an account yourself! I’ve been staying up very, very late since I was about six or seven, so being younger doesn’t put you at a disadvantage. Or, alternatively, you can just wait patiently until October when everyone will be let in.  You have no reason to complain.

    • Ah, the stereotypical American: Thinks the world should revolve around them. Listen up, ‘USAmom’. The author is from England. The books are set in England. It has absolutely nothing to do with your country whatsoever. The fact that you think she should set up the website to have it revolve around American timezones proves how self absorbed you are. You can either stay up or wait until October. Your pick.

    • Tonight it started at 5:30 PM Mountain time. I don’t see why you’re complaining. If they were true fans, they would have stayed awake or set an alarm to wake up and get an account on the other days. Seriously, the registration lasted for three hours every day for a WEEK.