SageTV DVR app is coming to Boxee

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Boxee Box users will soon have a new way to access TV shows on the device of their choice: Third-party developers are currently working on a SageTV app for Boxee, which could bring DVR functionality to the media player. Talk about an unofficial SageTV Boxee app popped up this weekend on Boxee’s forums, and adventurous Boxee users can already install an early proof-of-concept version via a third-party repository.

It’s worth noting that the app is only a front-end for SageTV’s DVR software, meaning it won’t transform a Boxee Box into a full-fledged DVR. Instead, it offers access to DVR functionality by connecting to a Mac, (s APPL) Windows (s MSFT) or Linux PC  with the SageTV software running within the same network as the Boxee Box. The computer also needs to be equipped with a TV tuner to receive over-the-air or cable TV programming.

SageTV integration with Boxee is nonetheless a big deal, if only for the reason that Boxee to date has lacked access to Hulu Plus, making it harder for its users to catch up on TV shows currently on air. SageTV also used to sell its own media extender for around $150, so making the same functionality available on a Boxee Box and offering access to a lot of other content sources for just $50 more could be very appealing to SageTV users.

Of course, SageTV was recently bought by Google, (s GOOG) presumably to integrate some of its functionality into upcoming versions of Google TV. The Boxee app is obviously not endorsed by Google, but there’s little the company can do to stop developers from embracing APIs of software already out in the wild. I’ve actually argued that Google didn’t buy SageTV to turn Google TV into a DVR, but I guess the Boxee SageTV app goes to show there’s still an opportunity for marrying DVRs with current-generation media player devices.

Check out our video about bringing DVR functionality to the Roku below:

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Anthony Vasca!? A shameless plug for TVDevo, which completely sucks and nobody uses. Nothing, I repeat nothing comes close to the sheer awesomeness of SageTV, not even XBMC, which severely lacks in many areas. Maybe Google will make it better, but those of us who are have it are pretty happy we found it and bought it while we could

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