Think the iPad is big now? We’ve only just begun


I recently went to a Sunday morning service at the small church I grew up attending. Not much had changed; I saw a lot of familiar faces and the same green hymnals in the pews. But about halfway through the service, I noticed the pastor wasn’t flipping the pages of a Bible on the altar. He was using an iPad (s AAPL), housed in a tasteful cover that matched the rest of the church’s decor.

It isn’t news that the iPad is huge. Yet seeing the device used in such a historically analog setting as my hometown church was a bit of a revelation — no pun intended. Typically when I hear of how iPads are selling like hotcakes in the enterprise sector, I think of them being used to make the paperless office a reality.

But there are huge markets that are still untapped. Pilots recently got the OK from the Federal Aviation Administration to use iPads instead of their charts, which can regularly weigh as much as 20 pounds. And doctors have started to use the iPad to keep track of their schedules and patient notes.

The iPad may seem ubiquitous already, but I have a feeling that we may just be at the tip of the iceberg.

Photo of Pope Benedict XVI with the iPad via the BBC

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