CumuLogic enters public beta for private PaaS

Cloud computing startup CumuLogic is making its Platform-as-a-Service software available for beta users who want to deploy it on their own infrastructure. Until now, CumuLogic’s PaaS software had only been available for beta users running it atop the Amazon Web Services (s amzn) cloud.

Turning PaaS technology, which traditionally was a hosted-only option, into downloadable software is a relatively new trend. Since CumuLogic launched earlier this year, multiple downloadable PaaS offerings have emerged, including VMware’s Cloud Foundry (s vmw), CloudBees’ [email protected] and Red Hat’s OpenShift (s rht).

CumuLogic is unique, though, in that’s only available as a download. Presently, it can run atop AWS-, VMware-, Eucalyptus- and infrastructure, and VP of Products Rajesh Ramchandani told me OpenStack support is on the way. It also supports a number of application platforms (including IBM WebSphere (s ibm), SpringSource and Tomcat), databases (including Oracle (s orcl), MySQL and MongoDB) and web servers (Nginx and Apache).

Ramchandani also said the company is thinking about supporting more languages beyond Java, which it currently supports. Although he thinks there’s a lot of potential in bringing PaaS capabilities to legacy Java applications, he did note that VMware set the bar high with Cloud Foundry by supporting multiple languages and frameworks with Cloud Foundry.

Thus far, Ramchandani said, CumuLogic’s AWS-only beta has been successful, with a fair number of financial services and media companies signing up. The company is aiming for its flagship product to be generally available in October or November, after it has had time to add more features, get feedback from the latest batch of beta customers and improve the software accordingly.

Image courtesy of Flickr user great_sea.