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Different Country, Same Case? HTC Takes Apple To Court In U.K.

The legal battle goes on between HTC and Apple (NSDQ: AAPL), but this time HTC is on the offensive and taking matters to another country. The Android smartphone maker has filed suit against Apple in the U.K. after running into trouble with its case against Apple in the U.S.

Bloomberg reported the existence of the new filing but no details were provided regarding exactly what HTC has complained about in the filing. The smart money is something patent-related, of course, after HTC has found itself on the defensive against Apple before the International Trade Commission when it comes to smartphones. However, HTC is buying S3 Graphics, which recently won a favorable ITC decision over Apple when it comes to the Mac infringing on S3’s patents.

So perhaps the thinking is that when enough lawsuits are lined up that could hurt both companies, a semi-amicable settlement can be reached. It’s hard to believe that either company would risk the possibility of an injunction when so much money is at stake, and the dismissal of all outstanding legal business would make it much easier for each company to go about its business, as Apple and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) did earlier this year.