Mobile Internet cost around the world [Infographics]


How much does 2 GB of mobile data cost around the world? Folks from Android Fanatic took a look and presented their results in this infographic. Not surprisingly, Japan, Sweden and South Korea — three of the most advanced wireless societies — have the lowest bandwidth prices, and they all are offering what is being dubbed 4G wireless broadband.

cost of mobile internet

Provided by Android Tablet Fanatic via Textually



I’m surprised Canada is not on that list, it should be at the top… Data plans here start at $40 for 100MB of traffic. Easily upwards of $60 for 1GB.

derek visser

so where is canada in this no doubt our cost would be even higher!


The next iteration of Android, scheduled for this winter, aims to bring the OS back from the brink of fragmentation by merging features from the mobile (Gingerbread) and tablet (Honeycomb) platforms


Do we need any more proof that corporate greed is responsible for Verizon being at the top of the list?

That said, if I use Sprint’s unlimited 4G as an example and use 30GB/month, that translates to just $3 for 2GB of traffic.

Not sure why they left Sprint out, but any unlimited 4G plan skews those results by far.


this is not an accurate description of cost. Not everyone earns in dollars outside the US.Comparison should be based on the earning capacity.

Per Grenerfors

The Swedish mobile carrier (in the “fastest mobile operators” arrows near the bottom) is misspelled. It’s supposed to be “Telia Sonera”, not “TELESONARO”.

Francois Mathieu

It would have been nice to include Canada in the study, where the price is the highest in the world.


Here in Brazil the price is absurd and we don`t have 4g and our 3g is a real 2.5g….seriously!

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