GigaOM welcomes David Card

David CardOver the past few years, it’s been a blast turning GigaOM Pro from what was just an idea into what it is today: a thriving new startup within a startup that has become the fastest-growing part of our business.

But as with any startup, fast growth requires investment, starting first and foremost with good people. With that in mind, I’d like to welcome the newest member of the GigaOM Pro family, David Card, who will serve as the research director of GigaOM Pro.

Like many of you, we’ve become big fans of David’s work from his time here at GigaOM Pro as the curator of all things social media and web (what we call NewNet). We’re also aware of his long and successful career at some of the top research houses in the business, including IDC, Jupiter and Forrester. During his career, David has built a well-deserved reputation as a wicked smart analyst with unique insights into a number of markets, ranging from enterprise computing to digital media to advertising and so on.

David will help us grow our analyst ranks in the GigaOM Pro analyst network and expand our analyst services, as well as contribute great research on a variety of areas such as social media, the future of work and, yes (for those of you who were fans of David from his Jupiter days), digital music.

Please join me in welcoming David to the team, in comments, Twitter or on Google+.