A breakdown of gas costs per city [Infographic]


It’s official: the Obama administration managed to get an agreement with auto makers for 54.5 miles per gallon standard for cars and trucks by Model Year 2025. Hoo-rah.

American’s have been driving inefficient gas-guzzling cars for years, and with rising gas prices (along with the weak economy) are really feeling the pinch at the gas station. Here’s how much drivers across the U.S. have been spending on average to fill up their tanks per month, courtesy of online banking web startup Mint.com. Folks in Silicon Valley are spending the most, while New Yorkers spend the least.

Provided by Mint.com


Stan Gay

Not a real good report – Usually I go to the gas station – go in and get a pack of smokes, coffee or whatever – inflates the price of gas I bought. Also my wife and I have motorcycles which lowers the amount of gas. Not sure what Mint is trying to say.


Well, I wish thats all I spent, $300.00 is more realistic, and I only have one child in sports.

Tim of Angle

‘inefficient gas-guzzling cars’? ‘Inefficient’ compared to what? I’ve never read an article so laced with tendentious sloganeering and unjustified assumptions since the last time I caught CNN on TV.

And complaining about the high price of gas when we have so many politically-mandated untapped domestic supplies is like complaining about the price of restaurant meals when your kitchen cabinets are stuffed with food you refuse to touch.

This ‘new journalism’ sounds an awful lot like the old ‘political talking points’.

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