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Big opportunities for big data in untapped industries

Big data has the potential to cut operating costs by nearly 50% across all sectors of manufacturing.

Get Satisfaction makes several interesting claims about opportunities for big data in an infographic released this month. Market segments such as manufacturing are generating far more data (966 petabytes in 2009, according to the McKinsey Global Institute survey, from which Get Satisfaction drew its numbers) than the technology sector, and there is a massive opportunity here. However, there are issues to address before providers of big data solutions such as Cloudera and Splunk can explore these possibilities. McKinsey, for example, estimates that the United States will need 140,000–190,000 more data workers than it is producing. And among the potential beneficiaries in manufacturing and elsewhere, there may not be the recognition that their data is of value, or that big data tools may be able to help them.

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