Six degrees of Larry Ellison [Infographic]

LarryEllison feature

Some people just seem to have “it” — that spark that makes them seem like they have an inside track on everything and everyone worth knowing. There’s no question that, in Silicon Valley, Larry Ellison is one of those people.

Ellison is most famous for co-founding Oracle, the enterprise software giant. But as evidenced by his regular appearances in such places as the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires, he’s just as notable for being an all-around mover-and-shaker in the business world at large. And it turns out, a number of the tech industry’s most accomplished people have been on Ellison’s payroll at some point.

SoftwareAdvice put together this handy infographic of Larry Ellison’s influence (click to enlarge):

Infographic design by Russell Pryor

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