PHOTOS: Kleiner’s Ray Lane receives his Fisker Karma


Credit: Gigaom, Katie Fehrenbacher

Kleiner Perkins Partner Ray Lane received the world’s second production Fisker Karma, a luxury extended-range electric car. Rumor has it that actor Leonardo DiCaprio received the first. The $100,000 car was shown off outside of the Kleiner Perkins office on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, Calif. on Tuesday, where media folks watched the event. Kleiner Perkins is an investor in Fisker. Here’s our photos of the event:

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Mr Greenjeans

i’m sure this will be an excellent, highly ecological ferry to take the kleiner partners to their private jets


Katie – you call this news!? Everybody, step right up, a super rich venture capitalist just bough a really fast human sized remote controlled car!!! This is really really important….because they are obviously paying me to write this!!!

Nick P.

Congrats to Ray and Fisker. Many have said this moment would never happen. Now they can work on build quality and debugging the production process. Very impressive.

Katie Fehrenbacher

@Veit, This is the second Fisker Karma to be produced, and Fisker is a startup electric car company. That’s what we cover here at GigaOM: tech startups.


Exactly! Fisker and its new car is the story here. And it’s a great story to tell.
However, Ray Lane getting the second one is not the story. After all, Leonardo DiCaprio, if he got the first one, did not flaunt that to the press, either. Maybe I do KP and Ray Lane wrong here, but IMO, they should not have used the delivery of the Fisker for their own promotional purposes. But since they did, the “infotainment” channels such as ABC covered the “event”. That was expected. What was unexpected was that GigaOm covered it, too.


Another case of “conspicuous conservation”: Look – I’m rich and I did not buy a Ferrari. Why exactly is GigaOm covering this “story”? You should have left that to infotainment channels such as ABC…


Agreed. As though E2T weren’t already Tesla promoters, now they’re on the take for Fisker, too? Awesome.


In case you actually thought this was an electric vehicle, “Extended-range electric” is a euphemism for “plug-in hybrid”.

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