Netflix warns: Penguins are dangerous!


In need of some lighter Netflix (s NFLX) news after all that talk about the much-hated price increase? Here you go: Davis Freeberg has been collecting some of the weirder viewing suggestions Netflix is serving up to viewers in search of new content and on Tuesday has published a list of top 10 Netflix Gone Wild suggestions. (Hat tip to Hacking Netflix)

Care for a sample? Here you go:

I always knew those penguins were up to something…

Netflix has been using both user feedback and expert tagging to surface new and interesting content to its users, and the company has actually spent a lot of money to make sure these recommendations are accurate. In 2006 it invited outside developers, scientists, and math whiz-kids to take a crack at improving its algorithms as part of the Netflix price, eventually giving $1 million to the winning team three years later.

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