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Remote access app LogMeIn Ignition gets enterprise management features

LogMeIn (s logm) Ignition, which we’ve covered previously, gives users the ability to access their office or home computer from their smartphone or tablet. Now, the product has added features that allow IT managers to set security policies governing how employees’ iOS (s aapl) devices can access corporate assets.

These policies are created and controlled through a new cloud-based service that allows IT managers to provide secure access to corporate computers from employees’ mobile devices. The service is now available as a preview for iOS; other platforms, including desktop computers and Android (s goog), are in development.

Policies can be created to grant or restrict user access to individual computers, authorize specific iOS devices for users or groups, and block or discontinue access from any user or device. Specifically, organizations will be able to:

  • Enroll individually-owned or company-procured iOS devices into an organization’s mobile inventory.
  • Authorize individual iOS devices for remote access to one or more company computers, including access to corporate applications and files.
  • Manage remote access rights and permissions by user, computer, and mobile device.
  • Control whether files can be remotely transferred from remote computers to individual mobile devices.
  • Handle lost or stolen devices by remotely wiping stored credentials.

Individuals interested in trying the preview of the access control service for iOS can sign up at the company’s website. Pricing depends on the number of devices to be controlled.