PowerReviews ‘BrandShare’ Lets Companies Syndicate Reviews Across Web


With the average online shopper now checking 10.7 different sources before making a purchase–even if it’s something small, like mascara or cough syrup–it’s in companies’ best interest to syndicate customer reviews and other content to as many sites as possible. A new service aims to help with that.

PowerReviews is launching BrandShare, which allows companies to syndicate content–like customer reviews, questions and answers, and Facebook shares, likes and comments–across the PowerReviews network, which consists of 5500 retail sites (including Soap.com, Drugstore.com, Staples and CSN Stores). The service automatically maps product catalogues between brands and retailers, and attributes content via a “Reviewed At” tag. Content can be syndicated both to and from Facebook pages. It’s free for a year.

“A lot of brands are collecting consumer conversations on their site, but most of their sales are happening elsewhere,” Cathy Halligan, PowerReviews’ SVP of sales and marketing and formerly the chief marketing officer at Walmart.com.

And discussions on Facebook can be highly valuable. “A share to Facebook is worth $15.72 in sales, based on a $132 average order,” Halligan said. In addition, seventy percent of customer reviews posted on Facebook are followed up by a “like” or comment.

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