Today in Social

Advertising is the fuel for most online content businesses, and there are a number of stories on the topic today. Like Yahoo, that blamed a mediocre growth quarter on an ad salesforce re-org, AOL is also shuffling the troops. It’s replacing its head of sales with a chief revenue officer position, and tasking the CRO with managing publishing and advertising products, and with integrating AOL’s flashy premium ad formats into its ad network. Flipboard, the iPad content feed reader that wants to be the newsstand of the future, is rolling out its first ad product with Conde Nast. It seems pretty magazine-y, with a full-screen look the company hopes will be treated by readers like content. That’s not unreasonable for glamor, gadget, and car pubs. And Meredith, the publisher of Better Homes and Gardens, is starting a print-oriented program for advertisers that might point out online directions. Meredith says it will track purchase behavior for big advertisers who commit to long-term deals and guarantee sales lift.