RIM Adds Web Video-Editing Expertise With Purchase Of Jaycut


Research in Motion (NSDQ: RIMM) has picked up a small video-editing company based on Sweden called Jaycut to add to the video-editing prowess of the Playbook, it announced Friday. Terms of the deal were undisclosed, but the seven members of Jaycut couldn’t have put too large a dent in RIM’s cash coffers.

Jaycut develops Web-based video-editing software that’s designed to let you upload, edit, and process video from just about anywhere. RIM is eyeing that software for the Playbook, which would seem to imply that it would no longer be available on the Web although it wasn’t totally clear: “The BlackBerry PlayBook offers users premium multimedia features, including dual HD cameras for video capture and video conferencing, HDMI output and high resolution video playback. By working with JayCut to add video editing capabilities to the BlackBerry platform we can further enrich our customers’ multimedia experience with BlackBerry,” RIM said in a blog post announcing the deal.

“The value proposition for my team and me was simply awesome: we can stay creative and we get to focus solely on developing great video editing tools, which has the potential to be used by many millions of users,” said Jonas Hombert, CEO of Jaycut, in its own blog post. “Finally, we come into a context where our expertise is both valued and wanted.”

RIM has turned to acquisitions to build out a number of pieces of its Playbook strategy, including QNX, which developed the operating system used on the device, and The Astonishing Tribe, user-interface gurus known for their work on mobile devices.

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