10 Responses to “VidCaster comes out of beta, now available to all”

  1. Vidcaster really is the Tumblr for videos, and I can see more and more users flocking to it with video blogging taking off in this decade. The platform also allows for clickable links from inside the videos, so if you are running a video review blog or website, then you can embed your affiliate links within the video, and convert your visitors to buyers and earn commission that way.

  2. i think the concept of short term rentals is really cool and innovative. i tried to use airbnb once but was very upset because my host cancelled on me 2 days before i was due to travel. i tried to ask airbnb for help but they could only offer me a place that cost twice as much. ended up begging a friend’s friend to let me stay with him, which was weird, obviously. anyone know any better short term rental sites? i still love the concept of living like i stay in that city.

    • Ronaldo

      try roomorama. I’ve used them for a while now and I have never had anything like that happen to me. I like their customer service better than airbnb too.