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Is Apple interested in buying Hulu?

HuluApple’s got a lot of money to throw around, to the tune of $76.2 billion. Is it interested in spending a chunk of that on online video service Hulu? That’s what Bloomberg reported¬†on Thursday evening. The Bloomberg story says only that Apple is “considering” ¬†bidding for Hulu, so it’s not clear that the two companies are even close to negotiating a sale yet. But such a deal would certainly benefit Apple by giving it access to even more video content than it already has in its iTunes arsenal.

The story cites two people “with knowledge” of the auction, which is being run by two investment banks that Hulu hired to help negotiate a sale. That Apple could be considering Hulu isn’t exactly unique: Yahoo, Microsoft, AT&T and Google have also been linked to the Disney/News Corp./NBC Universal joint venture.

The plus for Apple taking over Hulu would be the addition of a lot more content to beef up its iTunes and Apple TV offerings and present an alternative to Netflix. Apple has long been said to be working on its own subscription video service, but that has yet to come to fruition.

A big acquisition like Hulu would also be one way to quiet those on Wall Street who are begging Apple to get more value out of the cash it’s keeping around.

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  1. Sylvan

    Apple could also buy enough stock in two of the film studio majors to gain a seat on their board of directors. That would gain them another relationship like the one they have with Disney. Viacom and Time Warner would be likely targets.