NYT’s Nisenholtz: ‘We’re Not Naive About Google’


A revealing bit of conversation at the end of the New York Times (NYSE: NYT) earnings call between an analyst, digital head Martin Nisenholtz and CEO Janet Robinson about Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and the About.com response to the change in search algorithms that hit About, among others.

The exchange followed Nisenholtz explaining about the effects of Google search changes that were “more extreme than anything I’ve seen in the past” while being careful to avoid going negative.

Edward Atorino, Benchmark: “I wouldn’t think Google is out to help anybody, Martin. They’re out to get everybody.”

Robinson: “It’s our job to make sure our content is of the quality we want it to be and we’ve always wanted it to be.”

Nisenholtz: “It’s not about Google, it’s about the quality of our content.”

Atorino: “I thought you were looking for help from Google.”

Nisenhholtz: “I’m not naive about Google.”

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