AP Archive To Be Used As Basis For Programming Series

The Associated Press will be working with talent agency/marketing firm Madison Avenue Sports and Entertainment to develop content culled from the wire service’s library of audio, video and photography. Among the first plans to come out of the partnership, MadAve will create “episodic programming” using footage from the APs archive.

Licensing its content is increasingly important to the AP, given the weakness of its newspaper members and the opportunity to derive new revenue from its trove of images and video. The AP has struck numerous agreements intended to mine the content in its archive with outside publishers and distributors over the past few years, including deals between AP Images and the NFL and the NCAA in 2009. More recently, the AP has been working with photo agency CelebrityFootage and teamed with the Press Association on video licensing.

The AP didn’t say where MadAve, which has produced original short- and long form programming and multiple weekly series for NBC (NSDQ: CMCSA), ABC (NYSE: DIS), CBS (NYSE: CBS), would be looking to shop the episodes around to or if it would expect a run of the show on cable, broadcast, online video or some combination of the three.

Considering the amount of content, multiple show treatments/ideas will be created and pitched. To start, MadAve and the AP will concentrate on creating short-form content and will look to expand the concepts from there.