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Pottermore Teams Up With Google

When you get the chance to include “Pottermore” and “Google” in the same headline, you take it, even though the news they’re announcing is kind of “eh”: Users who buy Harry Potter e-books from will be able to “push” them to their *Google* Books library and store them in the cloud, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) announces on its blog.

Also under Google and Pottermore’s agreement, Google Checkout “will be the preferred third party payment platform for all purchases made on”

The post says to “stay tuned for more Pottermore and Google wizardry on the web this summer, leading up to when Pottermore opens.” Who knows what that means, but it sounds exciting.

Despite its big name, Google actually hasn’t been a big player in the e-book space and this could help, although, as Pottermore has stressed, the Harry Potter platforms will be available on all devices, not just Google.