Today in Cloud

In a guest post for CloudAve, Intel’s Raejeanne Skillern picks up on a theme I’ve been pushing in conversation for a while. As she notes, “security” always features highly in any list of concerns, problems or issues with respect to cloud computing. That it’s a concern is right and proper; we should be concerned with security, in the cloud and elsewhere. But Raejeanne goes on to quote Microsoft’s Satya Nadella who said “security remains a top issue in cloud, but it isn’t just a cloud issue, it’s an issue for anyone with a network”. And that’s the important point. Given a simple list of phrases, and asked to check the “important” ones, there probably isn’t a CIO alive who wouldn’t tick the box next to Security. They’re concerned about it in their own data center, and they’re concerned about it in the cloud, but they’re not running around in a panic. They’re actively mitigating for that concern in the technologies that they deploy, the training that the deliver, and the procedures that they put in place. We can be concerned about security, whilst not using it as an excuse to avoid change. My personal takeaway from the Structure Conference Raejeanne was writing about? Security was no longer the first word on people’s lips, and that’s a good thing too.