@ Deals 3D: New Statistics On Daily Deals

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Eighty percent of daily deals are controlled by 20 sources; 69 percent of daily deals are controlled by 10 sources; and 40 percent of daily deals are controlled by just two sources: That’s one finding from new research by deal aggregator The Dealmap, presented at BIA/Kelsey’s Deals 3D today.

Some other findings:

–Average deal inventory per source per day: 6.25. Half of sources only have 1-2 deals per day.

–Most daily deal providers cover between 2 and 9 markets. Expect that to rise as companies that already have a national footprint for their larger busineses (Google (NSDQ: GOOG), Facebook, AT&T) roll out their deal programs.

–Mass market deals make up 75% of deals. There is room for more niche deals.

–Types of deal searches on mobile: 38.9 percent dining, 31.1 percent shopping, 12.5 percent spas, 12.1 percent travel, 4 percent things to do, 1 percent bars, 0.4 percent spas.

–Deal apps by channel: Web 61%, mobile 32%, e-mail 2%, other 5%.

–And, surprisingly, The Dealmap found nearly 5% of sites have animal-related names. Think DealChicken.com, TownHog.com, TwoBuckDuck, Deal Stork, Rabbit Pack, Rumba Fish and so on.

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