Mobile Lowdown 7-18-11: HTC Fallout; iOS/Jailbreak; Social Networks


Credit: Flickr / laihiu

A look at some of the big stories in mobile today:

HTC/Apple: Some fallout from the decision at the ITC last week that supported Apple’s claims of patent infringement against Taiwanese handset maker HTC… HTC’s shares are down, despite announcing a share buyback scheme over the weekend. And some are now wondering if the ruling will spell bad news for other Android handset makers, because it is based on a piece of functionality central to the OS, not HTC specifically. HTC is appealing. (via Marketwatch, Foss Patents, BBC)

iOS and jailbreaks: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has updated its iOS to fix a vulnerability on its iPhone devices that allows users to jailbreak their devices. This security hole ironically was first discovered by a jailbreak developer. (via Cellular News)

Mobile OS ad impressions: In the latest monthly figures from the ad network Millennial Media, the iPhone remained the single most-popular device, Android the biggest platform, and Windows Phone 7 saw the most growth of all. (via Millennial)

Social networks: Sites like Facebook and Twitter collectively make up the second-most popular use for mobile data after email (73 percent versus 80 percent of all mobile users use these applications), according to a study from ABI Research.

Adobe/EchoSign: The PDF and Flash giant is buying more functionality for its platform: it has bought electronic signature technology maker EchoSign, which is used via mobile devices, for an undisclosed sum. (via EchoSign)

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