Should Netflix have dropped prices on streaming-only plans?


If Netflix really wanted to convert people to stand-alone streaming and not piss them off, it should have dropped the price of streaming in conjunction with its latest announcement. The existing stand-alone streaming price, which debuted last November, was $7.99, and a simple $1 price drop to that plan would entice many current consumers who are resistant to being pushed onto a streaming-only plan.

In other words, I tend to think Netflix has a problem on its hands, even though many think Netflix users are just letting off steam in the wake of recent price hikes and won’t actually cancel. Most subscribers consume a lot of their content through streaming, but they also want some backup in the form of a much bigger DVD library, be it through Netflix, Blockbuster or Redbox (or all three).

What do you think? Would you be more likely to accept a forced transition to streaming-only if Netflix offered a price decrease in the stand-alone plan?

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Scott Jensen

This is “article” is nothing other than an advertisement for your paid site. :-P


Keep in mind that Netflicks, or anyone selling or renting copyrighted material, must adhere to their licensing agreement. The licenses might authorize a range of remuneration to the copyright holder, meaning that lowering the fee could adversely affect their ability to make money. Fun stuff to be sure

Cheers !

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